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Living Room Design

Are looking for the best designers you can hire to create a beautiful home for you? Well then, this is the perfect place you wanted – the Bam Design Lab! Here, we will provide you with the best designs and works we can ever create for your home.

Stop worrying about your interior design or the simple paints and colors of your garage door in Michigan because the Bam Design Lab is here to provide you with what you need. Yes, we can create beautiful designs for your home whichever part you would want to spice up. Whether your house is old or new, we can transform it into whatever you want it to be. You can just give to us your preferences and specifications and we will make your house look as beautiful as you expect it and want it to be.

Bam Design Lab has tons of amazing drafts and drawings collected in a portfolio especially for you. You can see them specifically on this site. If you want to hire us, you may just pick the design you want the most. We can apply it as is or if you want it to be altered and made more personalized, we can edit it out a bit for better results. Other than that, you may also submit your desired design to us and we will just be the one to make it come to life. Another option for you is to contact us, arrange a schedule with our designers, and let them create a new draft and design for you. The Bam Design Lab is open for any of your preferences and suggestions in order to create your dream design.

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We only want to create the best things for you as we offer our great services. However, in order to do that, we want you to talk to us and let us know about the things you prefer in making a design for your home. If you can’t achieve your ultimate dream house through your own capabilities, then we are the perfect ones that could help you out. Disregard all the things you need in designing your home and let the professional people do the work for you. Contact us or give us a message through our email or if you’d like, you may also come to the Bam Design Lab building where you can meet more designers who can work for you.

We know how much it is frustrating not to get what you want when it comes to designs, architectures, or even the interior of your house. That is the reason why the Bam Design Lab is here to offer great designs through good communication. Our team can visit your home once you hire us and we can start discussing your desired image for your home. If you’d like and if it is more convenient for you, you may be the one to visit us so that you can see first hand some of the projects that we do. As long as you want a perfect dream house, Bem Design Lab can give it to you without any trouble. We’ll make sure to meet your expectations and create a better home for you and your family.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Garage Door

Most homeowners pay little attention to their garage doors. They never bother about garage door lubrication or maintenance until they stop working. But when the question of renovating or replacing the garage door arises, you may get confused with the wide variety of garage doors. In order to make the process of selecting the right garage door for your home, I summarized some informative points to help you. Since garage doors are available in many styles, types, and materials. Each type has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages to provide uniqueness to your home. There are a lot of companies like, Bartlesville garage door Installation Company in the market that offer a wide variety of garage doors. The following are the common types of garage doors.

  • Steel garage doors

These types of garage doors are the most popular when it comes to durability. You can find a wide variety of steel garage doors. They are relatively cheap in prices and need low maintenance. They are also available in faux wood which can be customized as per your needs and preferences. You can paint these structural garage doors to match the color of the walls of the garage. The price of a steel garage door varies depending on the size.  The thin one is quite cheap but can get dents easily. The best quality garage doors have the thickest layers.

  • Wood garage doors

Wood garage doors are a traditional option to give an attractive look to your building. These doors are also available with insulation features to deal with the natural forces like, snow, rain, and summer waves. These garage doors can be painted depending on your needs and preferences and need a high level of maintenance. If garage door maintenance is ignored, the door may get split, cracks. You may experience extreme expansion or shrinkage. No doubt, a wooden garage door is an expensive option to install and maintain as well.

  • Wood composite garage door

Some garage doors do not need a high level of maintenance like wooden garage door structures. These garage doors are expensive than steel garage doors but cheaper than wood garage doors.  A wood composite garage door is created from various materials like, plastic, fiberglass, resin, and wood. It is an affordable choice as they are mid-price ranged modern garage doors.


  • Vinyl and aluminum garage doors

Both types of garage doors are not so popular because they can get dents easily. They look cheap and do not survive in harsh weather conditions. The only beneficial point about electric vinyl garage doors is that these are cheap as compared to others.