elegant office room

Bam Design Lab started as a business five years ago when this website was made for designing purposes. I was the main creator of the website and I intended to do it with my fellow designers who want their own site as creators as well. It was such a daunting task – to be one of the designers who put up different designs and creations there in the industry for the world to see. At first, it was just to showcase our talents and capabilities. However, a year after that, non-designers came and told us they want to incorporate the designs we have posted on the site for their house. This gave me and my fellow designers the idea to shift the purpose of this website to cater to the needs of both homeowners and business owners alike.

Many people from our site are already employed and are working at that time but they still put their creations to contribute to our portfolio. However, when the Bam Design Lab became a business officially, the only people we hired are those who are in need of a job. I, for example, was not employed to any company at that moment and so the idea of creating a business altogether was such a good idea not just because I was unemployed but because I was also still trying to find the perfect job for myself. It was not hard to look for a job but still, something inside me still wants to look for more whenever I think of the best career for me.

Bam Design Lab is the perfect thing for me. It’s because I don’t just get to have my own business but I can also work with many people in this industry. We want to make sure that we can provide what people need and so, we continue to strive harder in the work that we do and we continue to improve ourselves and this business as much as we can.