neat and fabulous living room

Q. Hello, can I just purchase the design and not hire a designer and a team to do the work on my home for me?

A. Hi, thank you so much for sending us a message. Yes, you may buy a design from us or hire us to create a design for you without working on it for your home. However, the process of buying or hiring for design creation is still the same with regular service wherein your will hire us to do the whole work for you.

Q. Can I cancel your work if ever I need to?

A. Hello, thank you so much for sending your message. Yes, you may cancel our service for you, however, the arrangement may still vary depending on the works that are done by our people so far.

Q. If I would hire a designer, do they come with a team to do the whole job for me?

A. Hello, thank you for sending your message to us. Yes, if you hire a designer from us, he or she will not work for you alone but they will come with a team in order to do the job faster.

Q. Do I need to talk to you personally before starting the work with designing?

A. Hi! Thank you for your question. You don’t have to meet us personally in order to hire us and start the work. You can just hire us by sending us a message and we can immediately start the work once the designs are done. However, it would also be better to meet us personally in order to create a great picture and image for your design. Communicating personally would help us visualize your preferences more so we also recommend meet-ups for better results when it comes to design planning and organizing ideas.